Streamlio Intelligent Platform for Fast Data

Unified messaging and queuing powered by Apache Pulsar for performance, scalability and resiliency

The Streamlio Intelligent Platform for Fast Data provides the capabilities of Apache Pulsar in an enterprise-ready solution for use in the datacenter, cloud or edge. Powered by Apache Pulsar, the open source streaming messaging solution developed and hardened in production at Yahoo! to support critical internet-scale production applications, Pulsar has been proven to deliver robust messaging with the simplicity, durability, and performance needed for data-driven applications at any scale.

Key Capabilities

The Streamlio Platform offers the capabilities of Apache Pulsar in an enterprise-ready solution for your fast data requirements.

Cloud-native architecture

Unique architecture that decouples messaging, processing and stream storage to deliver performance and scalability

Stream-native processing

Process data as quickly as it arrives, without the complexity of traditional stream processing systems, using Pulsar Functions

Scalable stream storage

Distributed message storage layer and built-in storage tiering make it possible to meet any retention need easily and cost-effectively

Zero data loss

Data persistence guarantees and built-in multi-datacenter replication across datacenters and geographic regions ensure that data is always protected and available without needing additional components or complex configurations

Always on

Built for resiliency against failures, fast recovery and always-on operation without data redistribution or disruption

Performance and scalability

Able to handle 100s of billions of messages per day on millions of topics at low latency as a result of its high-performance architecture, performance isolation, and fine-grained resource management


Designed with the security, isolation, resource management, and scalable performance needed to support large numbers of topics, publishers and consumers in a single solution to avoid the complexities of siloed data

Ease of use

Unified publish-subscribe and queuing in one solution, multi-language API, Kafka compatibility, and support for the OpenMessaging standards make it easy to develop data flows that meet the needs of diverse streaming applications