Streaming Data Messaging and Queuing

Unified messaging and queuing solution designed for performance, durability and ease of use

Rapidly moving data between sources and applications is critical to handling streaming data. However, legacy technologies for messaging and streaming are cumbersome to use and burdensome to operate.

Streamlio provides best-in-class messaging and queuing powered by Apache Pulsar*, the open source streaming messaging solution developed and hardened in production at Yahoo! to support demanding applications including Yahoo! Mail, Yahoo! Finance, Yahoo! Sports, Flickr, and the Gemini ads platform. Pulsar has been proven in production, delivering robust messaging with the simplicity, durability, and performance needed for data-driven applications that can scale to handle over 1 million topics and over 100 billion messages per day.

Hear Streamlio's Christian Hasker explain Pulsar's architecture

Why Streamlio

Faster, easier development

Support for messaging and queuing, multiple languages, and diverse environments makes it easy to build data pipelines and applications

Ease of operation

Unique architecture scales on the fly, ensures data durability without complex add-ons, and meets demanding SLAs without cumbersome management

Robust and reliable

Built-in data protection ensures that data is never lost or corrupted due to failures, capacity constraints, or maintenance operations


Pulsar is a messaging solution for streaming data that supports both publish-subscribe messaging and message queuing in a unified solution. Developed at Yahoo!, Pulsar has been proven in production, handling millions of topics and messages per second.

Unique architecture

A scale-out message processing layer combined with the Apache BookKeeper stream storage solution provide the combination of performance, durability, and scalability needed for modern streaming messaging


Scale-out architecture, performance isolation of read and write operations, and fine-grained tunability provide low latency and high throughput for publishing and consuming data to meet demanding SLAs

No data loss

Data persistence guarantees and built-in multi-datacenter replication across datacenters and geographic regions ensure that data is always protected and available without needing additional components or complex configurations

Easy scalability

Independent scaling of message processing and streaming data storage, without data redistribution, make it possible to scale on the fly to support millions of topics and messages per second


Designed with the security, isolation, resource management, and scalable performance needed to support large numbers of topics, publishers and consumers in a single solution to avoid the complexities of siloed data

Ease of use

Unified publish-subscribe and queuing in one solution, multi-language API, Kafka compatibility, and support for the OpenMessaging standards make it easy to develop data flows that meet the needs of diverse streaming applications

Webinar: Integrating the Enterprise with a Streaming Data Approach

Streaming and real-time data has high business value, but if not processed quickly that value can be lost. Join Gigaom and Streamlio as they review the landscape of streaming data and message queueing technology and introduce and demonstrate a method to assess and benchmark current technologies. You’ll also hear about the results of Gigaom’s execution of the OpenMessaging benchmark on workloads for two platforms–Apache Kafka and Apache Pulsar.

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