Streamlio Unified Solution

Messaging, processing and stream storage to power real-time applications

Today’s data-driven architectures require processing streaming data as it arrives, in real-time. However, building data-driven applications means painstakingly stitching together multiple disconnected technologies that were never designed for the scale and capabilities of enterprises, resulting in complex and fragile applications that are prohibitvely challenging to build, operate, and scale.

Streamlio saw that data-driven applications demand a unified solution. We deliver that solution, bringing together proven open-source technologies for messaging, processing, and storage of streaming data in real-time.

Build faster

Streamlio's unified solution provides the components needed to power data-driven applications, eliminating incompatibility and complexity for developers

Deploy with confidence

Built on technology proven in production at companies including Twitter and Yahoo!, processing billions of events and messages per day with full resiliency and no data loss

Future-proof your applications

Uniquely architected for growth and scale so that you can easily keep up with the ever-growing demands of data, applications, and users

Webcast: Building Data-Driven Microservices

Join Dr. Karthik Ramasamy of Streamlio as he draws on his experience building data products at companies including Pivotal, Twitter, and Streamlio to discuss key concepts, technology and best practices for designing and implementing data-driven microservices.

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Streamlio provides a modular solution powered by best-of-breed open-source technologies proven in production at companies including Twitter and Yahoo!. Our team comprises key architects and PMC members responsible for these technologies.

Streamlio technology components for streaming messaging, processing and storage


To receive and route fast-moving data, Streamlio uses Apache Pulsar*, the publish-subscribe messaging system developed to meet enterprise needs for performance, scalability, and zero data loss.


Streamlio processes real-time streaming data using Heron, the processing engine developed at Twitter for low latency and resiliency at any scale.


The Streamlio solution provides Apache BookKeeper, a storage solution built to provide fast access, scalability, and durability for streaming data.

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Unique architecture

Modular architecture enables easy scalability without data redistribution

Zero data loss

Data redundancy and multi-datacenter replication built in to protect data

Microservices ready

Optimized for microservices applications including containers and Kubernetes orchestration

Real-time performance

High-performance processing to deliver end-to-end latencies as low as 30ms


Processing engine that adapts automatically to data flow

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