Streamlio Cloud Awarded Silver in Network Products Guide’s 2019 IT World Awards

Jon Bock

August 26, 2019
Reading time: 3 minutes

Companies today are generating and collecting more and more of their data in the cloud. At the same time, they are also building and adopting a rapidly growing number of cloud-based applications and services that depend on data.

As the cloud continues to become a more prominent part of organizations’ data strategies, success has become dependent on having a data infrastructure that is designed for the cloud, taking full advantage of the cloud and what it can offer (see Karthik Ramasamy’s thoughts on what it means to be cloud-native in Forbes). To meet the needs of cloud-native applications and services, that infrastructure needs to operate at the speed of data, connecting and processing data immediately as it arrives.

Technologies for messaging, stream processing and delivery of fast-moving data play a central role in delivering this data infrastructure. However, for many (maybe even most) organizations that approach and those technologies are a significant shift away from their legacy batch-driven designs and data infrastructure. Already stretched thin, these organizations often don’t have the time and resources to deploy, manage, operate, and monitor the data infrastructure needed to make this possible.

That is why we introduced Streamlio Cloud, our software-as-a-service offering providing cloud-native messaging, processing and event storage. Building on the same technology that has won awards including InfoWorld’s 2018 Best of Open Source, Streamlio Cloud enables organizations to take immediate advantage of proven technology to help them connect their applications and services with data–the experts at Streamlio take care of deployment, monitoring and managing this crucial part of data infrastructure. Since its introduction in March 2019, Streamlio Cloud has been welcomed by a wide array of businesses. From media and entertainment to energy, logistics, online services and more, the role of cloud and the importance of processing and acting on data as quickly as possible have become increasingly prominent and the value of a fast, easy way to leverage leading technology to has become critical.

And now, a jury of industry professionals at Network Products Guide have also taken notice. They recently awarded Streamlio Cloud their Silver award in the “Cloud/SaaS” category of their 2019 IT World Awards. These awards have honored outstanding products across the IT industry for nearly 15 years, and we are excited and honored to be among this year’s list of winners.

Streamlio Cloud was selected for the many advantages it brings businesses, including:

  • Performance and scalability: Streamlio Cloud offers cloud elasticity combined with the high throughput and low latency of Apache Pulsar, proven in Internet-scale production environments handling 100s of billions of messages per day and millions of topics in a single system.
  • Reliability and resiliency: Streamlio Cloud ensures that data is never lost even in the face of failures while preventing disruptions and downtime from failures and from operations such as scaling.
  • Security: End-to-end encryption, granular access controls and authentication integration ensure that data is fully protected, giving businesses complete control over their data and access to it.
  • Easy and flexible operation: Operated and managed by the Streamlio experts who created and used Apache Pulsar, Streamlio Cloud allows any organization to take advantage of best practices for deployment, optimization and operation.

Streamlio Cloud is another example of our commitment to providing businesses with the solutions they need to take advantage of fast data, from the edge to the cloud and the datacenter. As we continue to advance the Streamlio Platform and Streamlio Cloud, we look forward to seeing even more ways that they can leverage their fast-moving data to grow and delight customers.