Introducing Streamlio Cloud, Apache Pulsar® as a Service

Karthik Ramasamy

David Kjerrumgaard

May 29, 2019
Reading time: 3 minutes

Today, we are excited to announce the general availability of Streamlio Cloud for Amazon Web Services (AWS): the simplest, fastest, and most cost effective way to use Apache Pulsar in the cloud. Streamlio Cloud is a fully managed, highly available, and secure managed service providing enterprise-ready Apache Pulsar, making it easy for developers and dev ops to run applications on Apache Pulsar in the cloud without needing to operate and manage Pulsar on their own.

This is a significant step forward for Pulsar users everywhere. As co-creators of Apache Pulsar, our team has had the pleasure of interacting with Pulsar’s diverse user base, building a thriving open-source community around it, and helping Streamlio’s customers transform their data infrastructure through data-driven processing. From that experience, it is clear to us that developers are unhappy with the current technologies in the market and are looking for a better solution to serve as a basis for all of their streaming and messaging needs.

Why Apache Pulsar as a Service

Apache Pulsar is the ideal technology for streaming and messaging in the cloud. Its unique architecture, which decouples the message serving, processing and storage components, allows elastic scaling so that each component can be given exactly the resources that it needs.

The ability of Pulsar to support large numbers of topics, data publishers and data consumers in a single, scalable cluster with outstanding performance also makes Pulsar ideal for the cloud. High velocity and high volume data sources that are frequently available in the cloud, such as IoT data streams can be ingested and made available to large numbers of services, users and applications without requiring multiple clusters to avoid resource overload and contention.

Why Streamlio Cloud

Streamlio Cloud builds upon the years of operational experience that our team, co-creators of Apache Pulsar, have gathered from running Pulsar at Internet scale in production at companies including Yahoo, where Pulsar was created. The availability of Streamlio Cloud puts that experience at the service of our customers, providing access to an enterprise-grade streaming messaging solution built by Apache Pulsar experts and contributors. Streamlio Cloud provides Apache Pulsar clusters configured to ensure availability, provides security features out of the box and is fully compatible with open-source releases of Apache Pulsar to support a wide array of applications. Streamlio Cloud also includes a number of built-in connectors to AWS services that accelerate application development within AWS.

With Streamlio Cloud you can pay for exactly what you need without needing to worry about lengthy capacity planning exercises and operational burdens. Streamlio Cloud supports the latest Pulsar functionality in a solution carefully curated and tested to ensure reliability.

Getting Started with Streamlio Cloud

Getting started with Streamlio Cloud is easy. Streamlio Cloud is currently available in multiple AWS regions in Europe and North America. Streamlio Cloud runs on cloud instances within your AWS account, giving you complete control over security and full visibility into cloud resource usage. To get started, visit the Streamlio Cloud webpage where you can learn more and sign up for Streamlio Cloud.