Streamlio Awarded Tech Startup of the Year Silver Award in American Business Awards

Karthik Ramasamy

May 3, 2019
Reading time: 3 minutes

With all of the hype over the last few years about big data platforms and machine learning and artificial intelligence, it’s been easy to overlook the technology and infrastructure needed to collect, process and distribute data. Historically that technology had been called middleware, but legacy middleware became a stagnant domain that faded into the background.

However, the newest technology shift – from the batch-oriented processing that has dominated big data and analytics for decades to “fast data” approaches based on data-driven processing – has elevated the technology infrastructure that connects and processes data in motion to critical importance. That has set the stage for companies like Streamlio to innovate that technology.

We’re excited and honored that Streamlio has been awarded a Silver Stevie Award in the “Tech Startup of the Year” category. The Stevie Awards have been given annually since 2002 to recognize achievements in business to organizations and individuals worldwide. Some of the high praise from the judges about why Streamlio won this award includes:

  • “Streamlio’s use of open source tech is impressive. Any innovation that takes organizations closer to processing and sharing real time data is enviable.”
  • “Streamlio has clearly demonstrated a solution for major corporations and businesses in need. Their cutting edge technology addresses and fills a gap within the industry.”
  • “There is a great need for streaming data with analytics in the age of IoT. The company is in the right direction to address the need.”

We founded Streamlio in 2017 because we not only knew the importance of fast data from our experience building critical data infrastructure at Yahoo and Twitter, but also because we knew that the current technologies in the market were too incomplete and complex. The limitations of those technologies made them an obstacle rather than an enabler for all but the most advanced organizations, creating demand for a simpler alternative.

Working together with the open source community, we’ve helped to evolve Apache Pulsar and the related open source technologies to deliver a unified solution that enables organizations to adopt data-driven approaches. Some of the highlights:

From our work with customers, we’ve seen how not only new data sources such as mobile and IoT data, but also new uses of data have led organizations to look for modern, cloud-native technology infrastructure to process data faster and more easily. From automated industrial systems to customer interaction solutions to data-driven workflows, adoption of fast data technologies is delivering new and improved applications that are helping companies use their data faster and more effectively to create greater value.

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