A New Chapter for Streamlio

Karthik Ramasamy

October 21, 2019
Reading time: 3 minutes

We’re excited to be able to announce today that Splunk has agreed to acquire Streamlio. This represents another milestone in the vision that we had when we started the company just a few years ago. This acquisition will bring the Streamlio team into Splunk, where we will continue to help advances Apache Pulsar as well as bring the capabilities of Pulsar to Splunk products and customers.

A leap forward for Streamlio and our vision

This acquisition is compelling to us because we see in it a great opportunity to make a significant leap forward that aligned with the vision that we’ve had from the beginning. We started Streamlio because we saw that the way data is processed needed to undergo a significant shift away from the batch-mostly approach that had been the norm for almost the entire history of computing to a event-driven approach, but that shift had been hindered by the limitations of existing technologies. We knew that the shift to a new data-driven approach to processing data would ultimately not only lead to new technology platforms, but even more significantly would become embedded in all manner of other platforms and applications. Seeing that opportunity in this acquisition led us to realize that this opportunity is ideal for our team and our technology.

In joining forces with Splunk, we see the opportunity to bring data-driven processing into a winning platform that has already become one of the central platforms for data. We and Splunk share a common recognition of the importance of bringing together the breadth of machine-generated data and turning that data into immediate insight–not only for application log data, but also for the breadth of IoT and event data sources that are both generated as real-time streams of data and benefit from being processed immediately as soon as they arrive. We found in Splunk a partner that understoods and values the work that we have done to deliver the right technology to make this possible and that has the breadth of product and platform capabilities to bring streaming into the heart of the enterprise.

A commitment to open source and Apache Pulsar

Also important to us is the ability to continue playing a leading role in building and growing the open source community and technology of Apache Pulsar and related projects like Apache BookKeeper. This acquisition and Splunk’s commitment to open source will empower the Streamlio team to continue to invest in those open source technologies and communities–not only to evangelize these projects but also to continue to take a leadership role contributing to and helping to shape the future of the technology.

We’re still in the early stages of fulfilling the vision that we set out at Streamlio to deliver, but we’re thankful to the Apache Pulsar community for their partnership, and humbled to be able to find the perfect partner in Splunk to help drive that forward. We can’t wait to see what comes next!