Our commitment and contributions to the open source community and how you can join and contribute to it

Streamlio and the Streamlio team have a long history of participation in the open source community. Our team has helped to create, contribute to and evangelize a number of open source technologies, and our products and services are powered by open source technology. We continue to be active members of the open source community as PMC members and contributors of code, documentation, education and other resources. We encourage, welcome and support contributions to this community.

How You Can Contribute

There are lots of ways to contribute to the open-source communities we have helped to establish and grow. Here are some of the ways you can help out:

  • Contribute code — Make your mark by improving and evolving key open source projects.
  • Become a bug hunter — Report and/or help squash those pesky bugs you find.
  • Answer questions — If you’ve figured something out, odds are that others have the same questions.
  • Spread the word — We’re always eager to see more people know about these key open source projects.
  • Improve the documentation — Awesome docs help others out; if you find something wrong or worded poorly, help make it better.
  • Create a demo — Demos are a great way to help other developers learn. Got an idea for a demo or one to share?

We’re excited to help grow and support the community! Let us know how we can help at

Streamlio Open Source Contributions

The Streamlio team has played a key role in a number of open source projects. In particular, the projects below that we helped to create and advance have played an important role in helping us to define and deliver a unified solution for messaging, stream processing and stream storage.

Apache Pulsar

Apache Pulsar is a unified messaging, processing and stream storage solution co-created by Streamlio’s founders inside Yahoo. Apache Pulsar powers the Streamlio platform and Streamlio continues to be a leading contributor to the Pulsar project.

Apache BookKeeper

Apache BookKeeper is a distributed log storage technology designed for scalability, fault-tolerance and low latency. BookKeeper provides the storage component of Apache Pulsar and the Streamlio platform and Streamlio continues to be an active contributor to Apache BookKeeper.

Apache Heron (incubating)

Apache Heron is a distributed stream processing engine co-created by the founders of Streamlio as a replacement for Apache Storm. The Streamlio team has leveraged our experience and insights from building and operating Heron in our work to evolve and adapt Pulsar and the Streamlio platform into a unified messaging, processing and storage solution.