Our Vision

The future of data is real-time. To be data-driven, enterprises will need to understand and respond to data as it arrives, not limit themselves to analytics that operate on historical, after-the-fact data. This shift has profound implications for how organizations receive, transform, and react to data. We believe that this future is only possible with a unified solution that makes real-time streaming applications easy to build, adapt, and scale reliably.

Photo by Yolanda Sun on Unsplash
Picture of the Streamlio team working together

Our Story

The Streamlio team came together because of a shared belief in the opportunity and future of real-time data. We knew from first-hand experience that companies today are forced to cobble together a patchwork of incomplete technologies because an accessible solution for enterprise-grade real-time data processing did not exist–nothing available was production ready, seamless, durable, end-to-end, and proven at scale for real-time requirements. As a result, we found ourselves spending the vast majority of our time trying to solve these problems rather than creating actual solutions.

We founded Streamlio to deliver the first unified real-time solution for the data-driven applications of the future. We share a passion for creating an open solution with a vibrant community and ecosystem. We also care deeply about collaborating with our customers and partners, sharing our expertise and helping others to succeed.