About Streamlio

Powering real-time applications and streaming data for the enterprise.

Our Vision

The future of data is real-time. To be data-driven, enterprises will need to understand and respond to data as it arrives, not limit themselves to analytics that operate on historical, after-the-fact data. This shift has profound implications for how organizations receive, transform, and react to data. We believe that this future is only possible with a unified solution that makes real-time streaming applications easy to build, adapt, and scale reliably.

Our Story

The Streamlio team came together because of a shared belief in the opportunity and future of real-time data. We knew from first-hand experience that companies today are forced to cobble together a patchwork of incomplete technologies because an accessible solution for enterprise-grade real-time data processing did not exist–nothing available was production ready, seamless, durable, end-to-end, and proven at scale for real-time requirements. As a result, we found ourselves spending the vast majority of our time trying to solve these problems rather than creating actual solutions.

We founded Streamlio to deliver the first unified real-time solution for the data-driven applications of the future. We share a passion for creating an open solution with a vibrant community and ecosystem. We also care deeply about collaborating with our customers and partners, sharing our expertise and helping others to succeed.

Our Founding Team

Streamlio was founded by a team of experts in real-time data processing and analytics. The team brings decades of experience designing and operating real-time and streaming data solutions at scale in demanding enterprise environments.

Lewis Kaneshiro, CEO and Co-Founder

Lewis brings extensive experience in data science and applied analytics to Streamlio. Prior to Streamlio, Lewis was a lead Data Scientist at Shazam, where he developed algorithms that used predictive analytics to create Shazam features. Previously, Lewis used analytics in financial services at Goldman Sachs, Falcon Investment Group, and Hall Capital Partners. Lewis holds a Masters degree in Statistics from Stanford University and Bachelors degrees from MIT in Mathematics and Management Science.

Karthik Ramasamy, Co-Founder

Karthik has over two decades of experience in real-time data processing, parallel databases, big data infrastructure, and networking. He was engineering manager and technical lead for Real Time Analytics at Twitter, where he co-created the Heron real-time engine. Prior to Twitter, Karthik was co-founder of Locomatix, a company specialized in real-time processing on Hadoop and Cassandra, and worked at Greenplum and Juniper Networks. He is the author of several publications, patents and co-author of “Network Routing: Algorithms, Protocols and Architectures.” He has a Ph.D. in Computer Science from the University of Wisconsin - Madison, where he worked extensively in parallel database systems, query processing, scale-out technologies, storage engines and online analytical systems.

Matteo Merli, Co-Founder

Matteo is an expert on distributed messaging solutions designed for demanding scale. Previously, he spent several years building database replication systems and multitenant messaging platforms at Yahoo. Matteo was the architect and lead developer for Apache Pulsar and is a PMC member of Apache BookKeeper. He holds a Bachelors of Science degree in computer science from the Università degli Studi di Parma.

Sanjeev Kulkarni, Co-Founder

Sanjeev brings deep expertise in building real-time analytics solutions across domains. Previously, he was the technical lead for real-time analytics at Twitter, where he co-created Twitter Heron; worked at Locomatix handling the company’s engineering stack; and led several initiatives for the AdSense team at Google. Sanjeev holds an MS in computer science from the University of Wisconsin - Madison.

Sijie Guo, Co-Founder

Sijie brings extensive experience building distributed messaging and storage systems. Previously, he was the tech lead for messaging at Twitter, where he co-created Apache DistributedLog, and worked on push notification infrastructure at Yahoo. Sijie is the PMC chair of Apache BookKeeper. He holds degrees from the Graduate University of Chinese Academy of Sciences and Huazhong University of Science and Technology.

Our Investors

Lightspeed Venture Partners

Since 1999, Lightspeed has backed more than 300 companies in the enterprise and consumer sectors—companies that have gone on to redefine the way we live and work.