What is the Streamlio platform?

Today's data-driven applications need to handle data as it arrives, not wait for it to traverse a slow, complex data pipeline. Streamlio delivers an enterprise-class solution for fast data so that you can act on data in real-time.


Distributed messaging and queuing designed for scale and reliability

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Scalable real-time processing of data and analytics

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Scalable, low-latency storage built for streaming and real-time applications

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Image illustrating streaming activity in front of buildings

Survey Report: The Speed of Data

Organizations overwhelmingly want to handle data faster, but are falling short. New survey from Dimensional Research and Streamlio takes a closer look at why.

Image of a machine with gears representing microservices

Webcast: Connecting Microservices

Streamlio's Karthik Ramasamy explains the role of data in connecting microservices and the technology needed to do that.

Image illustrating streaming activity in front of buildings

Bloor InBrief: Streamlio

Industry analyst firm Bloor took a closer look at Streamlio's technology and vision. They summarize their findings in this InBrief.