What is the Streamlio platform?

Today's data-driven applications need to handle data as it arrives, not wait for it to traverse a slow, complex data pipeline. Streamlio delivers an enterprise-class solution for fast data powered by Apache Pulsar that can connect, process and store data streams in real-time.


Distributed messaging and queuing designed for scale and reliability

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Scalable real-time processing of data and analytics

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Scalable, low-latency storage built for streaming and real-time applications

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Award-winning company and platform, powered by award-winning technology.

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Blog: A New Chapter for Streamlio

Read about the exciting news that Streamlio is joining forces with Splunk in these thoughts by co-founder Karthik Ramasamy.

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Webcast: Real-Time IoT Analytics with Apache Pulsar

Streamlio's David Kjerrumgaard explains how Apache Pulsar can be used in IoT data processing.

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Blog: Life After Kafka with Apache Pulsar

Guest post by Avaro Santos Andres discusses important limitations of Apache Kafka that Apache Pulsar was designed to address.